I mainly inspire to create jolly unique Animal and Children’s Storybook Illustrations for the enjoyment of each home. Each is individually created with a smile and colourful personality!
© Ashleigh Bickerstaff Fine Artist & Illustrator 

© Ashleigh Bickerstaff Fine Artist & Illustrator 

*'Ashleigh Bickerstaff and her FANTASTICAL World of COLOUR!'*


Ashleigh Bickerstaff Fine Artist & Illustrator is based in Belfast. She graduated with a (BA) Fine Art Honors Degree from the University of Ulster, in 2013. Currently working on commissions and participates in art fairs both locally and  inspires to teach Art & Design in the near future.


I "My artistic practice is engaged with fantastic surreal storytelling. The stories read to me as a little girl have become a main symbolic reference that I have fashioned into my own illustrated imagery, thus creating my own imaginary world. I use a range of 2D media forms: collage, black ink drawings and painting primarily in watercolours and inks." I