I mainly inspire to create jolly unique Animal and Children’s Storybook Illustrations for the enjoyment of each home. Each is individually created with a smile and colourful personality!

'Ashleigh Bickerstaff and her Fantastical World of Colour!'

© Ashleigh Bickerstaff Fine Artist & Illustrator 

© Ashleigh Bickerstaff Fine Artist & Illustrator 

Ashleigh Bickerstaff Fine Artist & Illustrator is based in Belfast. She graduated with a (BA Hons) Fine Art Degree from the University of Ulster, in 2013. She currently works on various Art Projects within the Local Community; Bespoke Commissions and participates in Arts and Crafts Fairs. She inspires to teach Art & Design in the near future with her main emphasis on helping others through Art Therapy. 


Ashleigh gladly welcomes commissions! Each is created in her unique quirky style! She engages her audience with narrative, surreal storytelling and 'magical motifs'. The stories read to her as a little girl have become a main symbolic reference, that she have fashioned into her own illustrated imagery, thus creating her own imaginary world. 


Within her Fine Art Practice, she uses a range of 2D media forms: collage, drawing and painting primarily in watercolours and inks. Bright use of colour plays a key role in her work.